About Us

How it all started...        

My love for Lampshades started in 1993, when an Interior Designer asked me to refurbish a lampshade, to match her client's latest decor style.

After hours of removing old fabric and glue, sandpapering the old frame, repainting the frame, redesigning the new pattern, and hours of  hand sewing the new fabric - hands full of glue to get the braiding to stick...  the lampshade was completed and ready for delivery.      I said never again.

But it was a challenge, and once a challenge, always a challenge.

From restoring the wire and pvc, to making a replica, to learning to weld, and turning the wire, -  I was left fully equipped to design and manufacture my own shades -  it took  months of practice, tears, burned and glued fingers and lots of determination.  And then training our staff to follow.

Now, nearly 3 decades later, we are still designing beautiful lampshades, turn the wire into circles, do the welding, glue and sew the fabrics to manufacture the most beautiful lampshades - one after the other. From hotel projects of 250 rooms (3 shades per room) to a custom made once-off lampshade for a client. Nothing is too big or too smalll..

 And every day, every request, every picture, and every idea .... is still a challenge

All with buckets full of passion!!








Our manufacturing team consists of highly skilled employees who always meet the highest quality standards, which our company is committed to. - from the design to the wiring to the final product.